About the blog

I began blogging because I grew tired of Netflix Binges (And now all seasons of Friends are available...*sigh*) , and wanted a place to share my thoughts, opinions and ideas with people from all over. On this blog, I will talk about all things I find interesting like, travel, food, photography, relationships (the family/friend kind, and romantic), books, pet care, fashion, beauty, and something new I'm working on, health and fitness!

About Katie

As you probably may have noticed, my name is Katie. Kaitlyn actually, but I strictly go by Katie (No offense to any Kaitlyns out there!). I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, located in Texas. I love it. I've got one sister, who may as well be one of my best friends. An actual best friend, who's family are some of the best people in this world. A wonderful boyfriend whom I absolutely adore. My parents (who really want what is best for me, I'm just too stubborn to remember it). Two family dogs, Tootsie and Emmy. And the most recent addition to my apartment dwelling, pug puppy Molly! 
I work two jobs (actually kind of three), so I don't really have an abundance of time, but the time I do have, I'd like to spend it being productive and bettering myself. Hopefully, I'll find the way through this blog!

Molly in my arms, Jacob and Tara at my sides, on New Years Eve '14. (My kind of party!)
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